Natural pleasure. It’s a Thing.

At Nectar, radical self-care is a big deal. By now, we all know the importance of taking care of our wellbeing; yet most of us only focus on the physical, mental, and emotional aspects. Through our own personal journeys, we have discovered major benefits in prioritising sexual wellness, and have learnt to treat it as an equally vital cog in our overall health. 

Our mission is to help like-minded women experience these benefits. 

And so Nectar was born... an all-natural, high quality, v-friendly lubricant unapologetically designed to give you the life you deserve.

So whether your sex life is mind-blowing, pretty standard, or even a one-woman show, there is always room for more. More fun, more intimacy, more exploration, more stimulation, more pleasure...

Who We Are

We are a local health and wellness brand run by women and rooted in the proven power of plants. We are fuelled by a burning passion to help you heighten intimacy, and magnify connections.

Committed to clean, local ingredients from sustainable, organic farming, we are proud to bring to market a product that offers sensational benefits. As the first of its kind oil in the wellness space in South Africa, Nectar Intimate Oil is designed to enhance your pleasure in a safe and natural way. 

The Nectar Promise


We’ve created a lubricant you will love, with ingredients that are sourced and made locally, using local-grown ingredients. 


Every batch of nectar is analysed by an accredited laboratory to guarantee purity and potency, and ingredients are traceable to their original source. Every product receives a Certificate of Analysis before being released to the market.


Our products are made from only two organic ingredients; MCT Coconut Oil and the herb, to create a product that is pH neutral, and vegan. In other words, it’s safe enough to eat.


Our products are free from parabens, toxic chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, and synthetic lubricants. In fact, they’re free from any substances that could cause harm to you, or the planet.


Our products do not contain THC – so the only high you’ll experience, is your climax.


We love our planet. A lot. Our goal is to have packaging that is 100% recyclable, and we are nearly there. Our packaging is currently 90% recyclable, so watch this space.