• Enhance sexual pleasure

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Enhance sexual pleasure

All natural sexual wellness

Magnify connection

Natures pleasure

Hello Honey! Welcome to Nectar.

We are a health and wellness brand rooted in the proven power of plants, and fuelled by a burning passion to help you enhance intimacy, and heighten connections. 

We are committed to clean, local ingredients from sustainable, organic farming, and are delighted to bring you a product with sensational benefits.

As the first of its kind in the wellness space in South Africa, Nectar Intimate Oil is designed to enhance pleasure in a safe and natural way. 

Sensational Benefits... At Your Fingertips.

The Nectar Promise

Our ingredients are sourced and made locally.

Our products are made from only two organic ingredients, it is pH neutral, and vegan. In other words, it’s safe enough to eat.

Our products are free from parabens, toxic chemicals, heavy metals, synthetic lubricants. In fact, they’re free from any substances that could cause harm to you, or the planet.

Our Satisfied Customers

"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Nectar. Only a few drops of this liquid gold were needed for an enhanced experience. Compared to normal lubricants, the added benefit of 'green goodness' brings a whole new sensation to the entire experience.” 


Our Satisfied Customers

"My Husband and I used Nectar and we absolutely loved that it is light and clean and doesn’t have the same sticky feeling that other products have. Personally, I felt an increase in sensitivity and pleasure!"


Our Satisfied Customers

"Nectar is gooooooodd! It definitely makes a big difference!"