Unless of course, we’re in the bedroom. In which case, we do more than just messing around. We indulge. We play. We embrace. And we hope that you do too! Whether it’s in a threesome, just you and your partner, or even just you enjoying some explorative me-time; the point is to take pleasure in the moment as you love (or learn to love) your body in intimate ways. And our Nectar Intimate Oil has been designed to help you do exactly that.

As you may know, Cannabis is one of our favourite ingredients. Not only is it our only active ingredient that makes up the core component of our Intimate oil, but it is made by mother nature herself. Anti-inflammatory, natural relaxation, anxiety-reducing, an all-natural turn-on… need we say more.  A few weeks back, we discussed how Cannabis works in the body – and of course how it benefits the body in the bedroom. If you missed it, you can read all the juicy stuff here.

 We’re always eager to educate ourselves when it comes to matters of intimacy and our bodies; which is why we wanted to share some more info that might help you better understand why our Nectar Intimate Oil uses Full Spectrum CBD and what that actually means.

 Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum simply refer to types of cannabis extracts or concentrates. These terms indicate the amount of plant-produced therapeutic chemicals that are present, in addition to the primary cannabinoids (CBD and/or THC).

Very simply put, Full Spectrum CBD means that the maximum amount of beneficial native phytochemicals are retained from the hemp plant during extraction. Broad Spectrum means that a large amount of phytochemicals are retained, but not the full spectrum of cannabinoids found in hemp plants.  

While Full and Broad Spectrum concentrates both offer the benefits of diverse phytochemicals, the amount of said phytochemicals will also have an effect on the colour and smell of the product. Full Spectrum CBD being darker and more potent than Broad Spectrum CBD.

As a Full Spectrum product, Nectar Intimate Oil contains the maximum amount of goodness that the cannabis plant has to offer. Unlike many commercial CBD products, which simply contain only one isolated component of the plant. The benefits of Full Spectrum is what researchers are calling “The Entourage Effect” – a theory that cannabinoid (various parts of the cannabis plant) elements are more effective when they work together.

In addition, Full Spectrum products are generally darker in colour and have a stronger, more earthy scent. We’ve avoided adding our own perfumery and colourants to the mix, because why would we want to mess with what mother nature has so beautifully created. It’s as close to the real thing as possible, and that’s why we love it.

An all-natural, high-quality pre-lubricant that has been specifically designed (and tested on humans… us) to offer you the sensorial experience you deserve – with or without a partner. So turn the lights down low, light your favourite smelling candle, and get stuck into all the juicy benefits.


It’s a pleasure.

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